Col. Matteo LUCIANI was born in MILAN on June 25th, 1975, joined the 176th course of Italian Army Military Academy in MODENA (1994-1996) and was promoted Infantry 2nd Lieutenant on September 1st, 1996.

From September 1996 to August 1999, he got through the Officers’ formation in Army School in TURIN.

Soon after, he was assigned to the 66th Airmobile Regiment “Trieste”, based in Forlì, where he served from August 1999 to July 2010, as Infantry Platoon Leader, Deputy and Commander of rifle coy and finally as Staff Officer in HQ Regiment Operation and Training branch. During this period, he was deployed to ALBANIA (1999-2000), Rep. of Northern Macedonia (ex FYROM – 2002), IRAQ (2004) and twice to AFGHANISTAN (2006 and 2008). In addition, in home Country he took part in several operations in support of Police Forces (“DOMINO” in 2001,2002,2005 and 2006 and “STRADE SICURE” in 2009).  In 2010 he attended the 135th Army Staff Course.

From July 2010 to September 2013, he was moved to the Army HQ Staff in ROME and served in Plans Branch as Staff Officer. Then, he gained the admission to the 15th Joint Staff Course and after that he was moved to Sardinia and assigned to “Sassari” Brigade HQ – Operation, Training and Plans Wing, serving as Plans Branch Chief from September 2013 to October 2016, and deployed twice in AFGHANISTAN (2014) and LEBANON (2016).

Soon after, he was posted to the 152nd “Sassari” Infantry Regiment, as 1st Bn Commander. At the head of his Bn he was deployed in Afghanistan in 2017-18, as Force Protection Task Group Commander, and in 2019, as 2nd Battle Group Commander of Task Force “Campania”, he took part in home Country in the operation “STRADE SICURE – TERRA DEI FUOCHI” in support of Police Forces.

From 18th of November 2019 to 15th of July 2021 he acted as Chief of Staff of “Sassari” Brigade Command and deployed to LEBANON (2020), as Sector West Chief of Staff (UNIFIL).

From 16th of July 2021 to 8th of September 2023, he came back to the 152nd “Sassari” Infantry Regiment, as Regiment Commander.

From 11th of September 2023, he has been assigned to NATO Security Force Assistance Center of Excellence, nearby ROME, and appointed Director of SFA CoE as of 13th of October.

He got his Bachelor ‘s degree in International Political Sciences in the University of TURIN and a Master’s degree in International Military Strategic Studies in the LUISS University in ROME.

Hailing from Abruzzo, he fell in love with Sardinia, where he met Paola, his beloved life partner.