On the 27th of April, Lieutenant General Salvatore Camporeale, the Commander of the Italian Army HQ for Specialization, Education and Doctrine (COMFORDOT), accompanied by the Commander of the Infantry School, B. Gen. Roberto Viglietta, visited the Security Force Assistance Centre of Excellence (NATO SFA COE).

The purpose of the visit was to provide the General with an overview of the current and future activities of the Centre, as well as further opportunities for cooperation.

During the meeting, the Director Col. Massimo Di Pietro highlighted the active collaborations of the COE with NATO and European entities, such as the support provided to exercises and in the pre-deployment preparation of advisors during Training Events, along with the increased interaction with the European External Action System and the EU Regional Advisory and Coordination Cell.

Afterwards, the Director illustrated the main ongoing projects for 2021 and those planned for the first semester of 2022. In this context, he emphasized the fruitful cooperation between COMFORDOT and the NATO SFA COE since the signing of the Technical Arrangement in June 2019 that involves the National SFA Section and the Post Conflict Operations Study Centre (PCOSC), both of which contribute to providing security and promoting stability in conflict and post-conflict scenarios.

At the end of the meeting, Lieutenant General Salvatore Camporeale expressed his appreciation for the interesting presentation and congratulated the Centre on its teamwork.