On the 3rd of December, the NATO SFA COE hosted a French delegation from the “Centre Terre pour le partenariat militaire opérationnel” (CPMO).

The CPMO, located in Paris, is a centre that checks the coherence and the training of the French Army on all the military operational partnership (PMO) missions.

The aim of the visit was to strengthen the relationship between the NATO SFA COE and the French CPMO, which is specialised in capacity building activities and in sustaining partners’ military forces.

During his briefing the NATO SFA COE Director recalled the need to develop coherent, complementary, and interoperable SFA capabilities within the Alliance and the importance of supporting the fullest possible involvement in EU military partnership initiatives on SFA related issues.

Subsequently, the ITA SFA Section Chief and the Commander of the ITA Army Infantry School Training Regiment gave a briefing on the research, training and doctrine activities, explaining the current tasks and future perspectives of the Security Force Assistance Section.

Finally, the French delegation had the opportunity to visit the ITA Army Combat Training Centre of the Simulation and Validation Centre of the Army (Ce.Si.Va.) in charge for LIVE simulations in the following areas: function, location, facilities, tools and equipment. The «Land Training Integrated System» program was presented, including all the advantages over traditional training activities.

This visit, as a part of the collaboration with those military organizations, such as the French CPMO, which are fully experienced in dealing with SFA principles and procedures, could help develop a coherent and complementary approach to capacity building of partners in both organisations. This should foster the exchange of competence and know-how, while offering the NATO SFA COE a significant opportunity to interact with Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) actors, such as the EUMS and the EEAS.