On the 31st of March, a delegation from Mondo Internazionale, composed by Vice Admiral (retd) Giorgio LAZIO and Dr. Michele PAVAN, respectively the honorary President and the President of Mondo Internazionale, together with other researchers of the association visited the NATO SFA COE. 

Mondo Internazionale is an association that operates in the field of cultural diplomacy, promoting and carrying out international cooperation activities concerning youth, intercultural, multicultural, interdisciplinary and intergenerational matters.

Working in close synergy with an international network, Mondo Internazionale supports universities, companies and institutions with new proposals for development projects in order to achieve shared and common goals. 

During the visit NATO SFA COE personnel illustrated the main SFA activities which could be related to the Association’s areas of interest. 

Furthermore, beginning with an analysis of the content of the NATO Strategic Concept and the EU Strategic Compass and the challenges of the current scenario, the two delegations paved the way for future joint academic research. 

In particular, the aim of the visit was to promote joint projects and research in cultural diplomacy, international partnerships and Defence Capacity Building (DCB). These initiatives are included in the NATO SFA COE projects, such us the realization of a Study Paper entitled “Out-thinking on new NATO Strategic Concept 2022” and a series of activities aimed at providing some insights on how to “Strengthen UE-NATO cooperation”. 

This visit allowed the NATO SFA COE and Mondo Internazionale to increase their respective network and to stimulate new ideas in support of NATO entities and Partners.