The Director of the NATO Security Force Assistance Centre of Excellence (NATO SFA COE), Colonel Massimo DI PIETRO, and the Rector of LUMSA, Prof. Francesco Bonini, virtually signed a cooperation agreement from their offices.

The agreement activates the curricular internships, benefiting the students of the LUMSA University, in particular those enrolled in degree courses in “International Relations”, “Law” and “Administration and innovation policies”.

The internship offers selected students the opportunity to acquire specific national, international and NATO knowledge through the joint participation in activities, projects and courses organized by the Centre.

The internship program includes the development of two COE projects. The first is aimed at analysing factors governing the success and failure of SFA missions in the sub-Saharan area and the Horn of Africa, whilst the second is aimed at developing the possible implications of the NATO concepts, Projecting Stability and Defense Capacity Building in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) area.

The virtual ceremony was included in the events of the “Cenacolo di Studi Diplomatici e Internazionali” during the course of which the NATO SFA COE Director gave a speech presenting the Centre.

The “Cenacolo di Studi Diplomatici e Internazionali” is a training project for Masters Degree students in International Relations. Coordinated by Professor Tiziana Di Maio, president of the course, the project is also aimed at students of other courses of the LUMSA University who are seriously motivated and interested in pursuing a career in international relations.

During his speech, the Director provided an overview of the activities of the NATO SFA COE and emphasized the research areas of common interest that the Centre is pursuing in collaboration with other international entities.

Since its recent establishment, the NATO SFA COE has aimed to expand its community of interest with as many foreign and Italian entities of excellence as possible. Given the many initiatives undertaken both in the military and civilian fields, the Centre is a point of reference for the issue of Security Force Assistance.