NATO Security Force Assistance Centre of Excellence (NATO SFA COE) and NATO HQs co-organized the “NATO Building Integrity in Operations” (BIIO) pilot course.


The NATO Security Force Assistance Centre of Excellence (NATO SFA COE), in close collaboration with NATO HQs BI, hosted the NATO Building Integrity in Operations Pilot Course (BIIO).

Addresing Building Integrity in operation is identified as a requirement by the BI discipline and the course is developed as sustainable solution to address this requirement.

The aim of this event was to review and validate the teaching contents  and the course methodology proposed by the Institute to Security Governance in USA, who is contributing for the enhancement of the BI Discipline.

The BIIO Course, when completed, will serve as training opportunity to build skills and competencies for those involved in NATO operations and missions. Several information and syndicate sessions are foreseen over a five-day period to meet the training objectives, and enhance the participants’ ability to understand the types of corruption and the risks they pose for military operations and their impact on mission success.

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from NATO SFA COE, NATO HQs, Joint Warfare Centre, Allied Command Operation (ACO) – Mons, Joint Force Command Naples (JFCNP), Land Component Command – Izmir, Maritime Component Command – Northwood, NATO Rapid Deployable Corp (NRDC)-ITA -Milano,  NATO Support Procurement Agency (NSPA) -Luxemburg, NATO Defence College – Rome and with Transparency International. participated to this event and contributed for the development of the course.

This activity, the first related to BI conducted at the NATO SFA COE premises, has directly supported NATO SFA COE /NATO HQs shared areas of cooperation related to Building Integrity. More broadly it has also supported NATO aim to build the course that will lead to increase staff capacity to face corruption risks in future NATO missions.

Lack of integrity, transparency and accountability, as well as the presence of corruption is highly detrimental to the Security Force Assistance effort to support and/or build local security forces. Therefore, considering Building Integrity it is essential for effectively conducting Security Force Assistance activities. The established collaboration is intended to help BI and SFA practitioners to share measures into their respective processes with  the ultimate common goal to mitigate corruption risks on mission success me (TOC) into SSR processes, and thus assist their efforts to strengthen the good governance, the rule of law and promote stability.