Capitalizing human capabilities fostering stability of security sector

The inconstancy of the threat and the heterogeneity of the current and future scenarios requires a continuous and even more solid synergy between NATO and NATO Security Force Assistance Centre of Excellence through the development of Human Capital focused projects, whose common goal is to shape and improve knowledges, skills, organization, procedures and attitudes of all the personnel which NATO daily employs to foster stability.
The Human Capital Focus Area’s vision is to provide the best prepared people, at the right place, at the right time, every time. Such a perspective makes the Human Capital the most relevant “tool” to conduct SFA activities and foster an effective development of Local Security Forces  apabilities.
The NATO SFA COE guarantees a continuous and punctual support to the Human Capital, along the five lines of effort, Leader Development,  earning Methodology, Organizational Effectiveness, Innovation and Readiness, through the study, analysis and research aimed at improving the  apabilities of NATO personnel in the field of Security Force Assistance and related areas of interest at any level of operations.