The NATO Security Force Assistance Centre of Excellence (NATO SFA COE) successfully concluded the second edition of the SFA Operators Course 2023, aimed at enhancing the competency and effectiveness of civilian and military personnel involved in current and future missions in security related capacity-building.

The course, held from the 13th to the 17th of November, provided participants with methods of analysis and an integrated approach to improve their capabilities, skills, and performance.

It included interactive lessons, experiential learning activities, operational case studies and role-playing exercises.

The course started with a team building activity, which plays an important role in increasing integration, collaboration and relationship building – which is crucial for an effective execution of the course and, ultimately, the participants’ future SFA missions. This opening step is vital for establishing a shared foundational knowledge among participants and facilitators from different countries.

Among the theoretical activities, the following attracted particular interest:

– Initial assessment of a local force and discussions about its components

– Insights on planning SFA activities at the Operational Level, including the new SFA for Planners guidance

– Cultural Mediation and Gender Perspectives impacting SFA activities

– Use of case studies to gain deeper understanding of the issues surrounding security assistance

With 33 participants from 10 countries, the SFA Operators Course was concluded following five successful days of theoretical and practical training exercises. The courses hosted at the officers’ club of the Italian Army Infantry School, help to continuously develop skills of current and future personnel in SFA missions.