On the 17th of June, the Albanian Ambassador, HE Anila Bitri Lani, accompanied by the Albanian Defence Attaché to Italy, Col Ylli Pulaj, visited the NATO Security Force Assistance Centre of Excellence (NATO SFA COE).

The visit was organized and conducted in compliance with all the necessary health and safety precautions required by the current COVID-19 governmental regulations.

The Director Col. Massimo Di Pietro presented the principal current activities of the Centre to the Albanian delegation, since Albania is one of the Centre’s Sponsoring Nations, and highlighted the high level of research and support that the NATO SFA COE can provide to the academic and military entities of the SFA Community of Interest.

In this regard, Col. M. Di Pietro was the moderator of an in-depth session on Lessons Learned regarding the current pandemic crisis, which saw the involvement of Lt. Col. Defrim Haxhija, Head of the Lessons Learned Department of the NATO SFA COE and Col. Elton Reso, Albanian medical director, course attendant at the Institute for Advanced Defence Studies (IASD).

Lt. Col. D. Haxhija illustrated the process of populating the NATO platform of the Lessons Learned on Covid-19, the impact of the pandemic in operations abroad and, in general, the related effects of political and social instability; Col. E. Reso presented a case study on ways to contain the pandemic and military support activities for the Albanian Healthcare System.

Col. Claudio Zanotto, from the Italian General Directorate of Military Medical Services (IGESAN), also attended the event. He emphasized the fruitful and continuous exchange of information and collaboration with the Albanian military medical authorities during the crisis.

In expressing her appreciation for the excellent success of the event at the end of the meeting, the Ambassador reiterated the great value of the Centre, not only in the development of Albanian military SFA capabilities, but also in the broader framework of relations with the civil sphere, as an indisputable reference for the academic world and the research sector.