On the 8th of July, the Commander of the Simulation and Validation Centre (Ce.Si.Va.) of the Italian Army, Major General Claudio Minghetti, paid a visit to the NATO Security Force Assistance Centre of Excellence (NATO SFA COE).

The purpose of the visit was to give the General an overview of NATO SFA COE’s activities and to discuss the opportunities for a further collaboration between the two entities.

The Simulation and Validation Centre (Ce.Si.Va.) is one of the training Centres of the Italian Army. It ensures the preparation and the professional update of the personnel destined for Command or Staff positions, along with the validation of the Commands to be employed abroad. Moreover, it deals with the research of informative solutions for the training, Command and Control and Operational Planning.

Among the Common Areas of interest, the main topics discussed were:

  • The SFA Operators Project and the follow up activities that will provide a suitable tool set for the Strategic, Operational and Tactical level.
  • The SFA Advisors’ Enhancement seminar, an open forum for experts in Advising, that will be held in September.
  • The NATO SFA COE training offers, such as the courses that are a pre-requisite for Defence Capacity Building missions.

The visit ended with the signing of the Roll of Honour by Major General Claudio Minghetti, who expressed his interest in the COE’s projects. In particular, he appreciated the Centre’s contribution to NATO’s professional development in current and future missions in the SFA field and the opportunity for furthering cooperation in the simulation area.