A US delegation composed by the Deputy Commander of Operations Group (DCOG) of the Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC) and by personnel of the 3rd battalion of the 353rd Regiment located in Fort Polk (Louisiana) visit the NATO SFA COE.

The JRTC mission is to train brigade combat teams to conduct large scale combat operations on the decisive action battlefield.

The 3rd battalion, acting within the Operations Group at the JRTC, trains and enables leaders and units, builds unit capacity for the conventional Army for an increasingly complex world, setting the stage for future Security Force Assistance and/or Security Cooperation missions.

The goal of the meeting was to increase the relationship among the organizations through the enhancing of mutual knowledge and the subsequent analysis of further collaborations on education and training items, consolidating the common sense and a unique direction to follow.

The main points discussed were:

  • To standardize and improve the course execution and lessons learned integration leveraging the Security Cooperation Community of Interest.
  • To establish common guiding principles for a strong professional development program that leverages education, training, and expertise to develop agile professional leaders for the Army.
  • To elaborate a specific analysis and in-depth studies in the field of SFA.
  • The mutual support and more participation as observers in the selection and recruitment activities.
  • To Develop the core competencies of Training Advisor Skills, Combat Skills, SFA Skills in order to train and certify professional and relevant subject matter experts.

The meeting ended with a roundtable discussion to refine and finalize all the notions and ideas gathered, in order to realize projects and activities aimed at optimizing the training, selection and identification of the SFA operators in an international and national context.