On the 2nd of February, a US Army V Corps representative visited the NATO Security Force Assistance Centre of Excellence (NATO SFA COE).

The aim of the meeting was to enlarge the NATO SFA Community of Interest and strengthen the relationship with the US Army military bodies specialized in conducting training and advising within the NATO context.

The V Corps provides training, increases readiness, and retains operational control of assigned and allocated units in order to compete across the competition continuum alongside Allies and Partners.

After an introduction of the Centre, the staff summarised the main collaborations between the NATO SFA COE and the heterogeneous domain in which the Centre operates, such as NATO COEs, NFS and NCS, IOs, think tanks and research institutes.

In particular, they discussed the collaborations with the US DOD’s SFA organizations with whom the COE has established a strong partnership over time through the development of projects and activities and the sharing of common objectives and tools to enhance the effectiveness of the Alliance in the field of Security Force Assistance at the Strategic, Operational and Tactical levels.

This visit is a follow up of a previous visit by the Major General Jeffery D. BROADWATER, the Deputy Commanding General of the US Army V Corps in September 2022.

One of the main strengths of the NATO SFA COE is based on the inseparable connection with a huge number of relationships with other Military Bodies, Academia, Universities and International Organizations in order to favour the multidisciplinary approach in the study of the complex dynamics inherent to SFA.