On the 8th of February, the NATO SFA COE held a virtual meeting with the Euro-Atlantic Defence Observatory’s “Faro Atlantico” and “Centro Studi Geopolitica.info”.

Faro Atlantico” is part of the “Centro Studi Geopolitica.info”, a forum for the study of geopolitics and international relations, aimed at nurturing the national and international debate from a two-fold perspective: theoretical and empirical analysis.

The activities of the “Centro Studi Geopolitica.info” are conducted by professors and researchers from the political, geographical, historical and economic sectors, as well as foreign policy analysts who work in various capacities in public institutions, private sectors and in the field of journalism.

The goal of the virtual meeting was to explore the possibility of future collaboration between the two organizations, finding common approaches to their activities.

During the meeting, the Director presented the Centre, illustrated the evolution of Security Force Assistance and provided a general overview of SFA activities and projects.

Among the main projects, of the Centre, the Director highlighted the forthcoming virtual SFA Operators Course, planned for the 1st week of March, with the aim of improving the competency and effectiveness of SFA operators (Trainers, Mentors, Advisers) working in current and future missions of defence and related security capacity-building.

The course also enhances the practical understanding and application of NATO SFA operators working as part of a comprehensive and integrated approach.

The fruitful meeting devoted particular attention to the current geopolitical challenges and the efforts of NATO and the European Union in facing them with new approaches of defence and institution capacity building, where SFA plays a pivotal role.