On the 22nd and the 23rd of September, the NATO Security Force Assistance Centre of Excellence (NATO SFA COE) hosted an induction training event with representatives from the United States Joint Center for International Security Force Assistance (US JCISFA).

JCISFA serves as the US Joint Force integrator for the development, dissemination, and institutionalization of SFA doctrine, standards, tactics, techniques and procedures that enable the Joint Force to efficiently and effectively develop partner nation capability and capacity in support of US national security objectives.

Its responsibility is to capture, analyze and document Joint SFA observations, insights and lessons learned from all SFA activities across multiple geographic regions.

The NATO SFA COE contributes to identify a NATO Advisor profile and to prepare a NATO selected course to train NATO military and civilian personnel to work as Institutional Advisors at the ministerial level.

Additionally, the COE supported the development of the Interoperable Multinational Resident Advisor Capacity (IMRAC), led by the United States and Italy within the Multinational Capability Development Campaign (MCDC), aimed at defining a program necessary to educate and train a strategic advisor in accordance with NATO standards.

The JCISFA team provided an orientation briefing to the NATO SFA COE instructors that will be responsible for the future conduct of the Institutional Advisor Course, that will be included in the training offer of the Centre.

In fact, this activity marks the final step of this IMRAC project, which culminates in the Institutional Advisor course that will be hosted by the NATO SFA COE, in presence, from the 18th to the 22nd of October 2021.

During the briefing, JCISFA’s personnel facilitated and explained the Institutional Adviser Course Handbook, the operational scenario, the lessons, syndicates and the end-of-course exercise.

This occasion further strengthens the close collaboration between the NATO SFA COE and those US organizations dealing with SFA, such as the Security Force Assistance Command (SFAC) and the US Military Advisor Training Academy (MATA).