The Director of the NATO Security Force Assistance Centre of Excellence (NATO SFA COE), Col. Franco Merlino and the General Manager of the LUISS Guido Carli University, Giovanni Lo Storto have signed today, at the University’s headquarters located in Rome, a mutual-cooperation agreement.

It is based on two different areas of cooperation: a letter of cooperation built on an exchange of knowledge, experience and expertise by the joint participation of its own personnel and Subject Matter Experts in courses, conferences, seminars, trainings and other activities; an internship agreement on benefit of Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree student at the University.

The letter of cooperation also includes the mutual access to each other’s libraries and expert literature and the implementation of joint research projects and the production of co-authoring joint publications.

The internship agreement provides the opportunities for the participation of Students in NATO SFA COE Internship Programme for acquiring practical knowledge of workplaces in order to round out their academic careers and facilitate career choices through a deeper knowledge of the market and field-testing in the working environment.

This agreement, such as others stipulated with national/international civil and military entities, highlights the importance of the cooperation with all the actors involved in Security Force Assistance and in all the Centre’s activities.

The importance of a continuous cooperation is paramount for a constant growth and in order to provide progressively a more definitive solution, with the final purpose of improving the effectiveness of the Alliance, NATO Nations, NATO Partners and International Organizations.