On Tuesday the 21st of February 2023, NATO SFA COE was invited to participate at Luiss Guido Carli’s Career Day for Social Impact held at the University in Rome.

The involvement of the Centre is part of a larger agreement signed with LUISS in January 2020 that offers students enrolled at the academic institution the opportunity to carry out an Internship and collaborate actively in the implementation of the projects developed by the NATO SFA COE.

The event was dedicated to all students and graduates who had the occasion to meet recruiters, conduct one-to-one selection interviews, and receive suggestions on how to pursue a professional goal.

During these meetings the Centre interviewed more than 70 students from the School of Law and International Relations Departments, European Political Economy and the School of Government.

The students were informed of the opportunities and the main activities implemented by the NATO SFA COE, such as Internship programs with the Universities, research activities, courses and publications.

The “Luiss’s Career Day” represented a great opportunity to share knowledge and interact with the academic world and to stimulate food of thought for the development of research papers and best practices, furthering the multidisciplinary approach.

The Centre considers multidisciplinary approaches, various perspectives and different backgrounds as an added value to its research, sometimes deciding to develop a new agenda for its seasonal Newsletter to allow students and graduates to offer their contribution. In this regard, the next publications will grant the students their own space to be able to showcase their analyses for the benefit of all. With the latter project, we look forward to promote an even closer relationship between the academic institutions and military forces through the common goal of promoting security and international cooperation.