On the 9th of February 2022, a NATO SFA COE delegation with Dr. Stornelli (President of the Religion & Security Council), Dr. Alli (Responsible for the security and defence area) and Dr. Bacigalupi (Responsible for the development and strategy at the Foundation) held a roundtable at the De Gasperi foundation headquarters, paving the way for common projects in the research of Defence and related Security Capacity Building issues.

The aim was to establish a network with the De Gasperi Foundation and to create a new lab for the exchange of standpoints, experiences, lessons learned, best practices in the Security and Defence fields, whilst at the same time offering a growth opportunity for university students as regards the “Stability” concept.

After the NATO SFA COE Director’s presentation of the current COE projects and a comparison between the NATO SFA COE tasks and NATO’s core tasks, Dr. Alli discussed the De Gasperi foundation’s work with NATO since 2018 in educational projects focusing on the pillars of democracy, institutions, economy and social justice. Afterwards, Dr. Bacigalupi held a briefing regarding the pillars of the De Gasperi foundation.

The meeting was extremely fruitful for all the attendees and a great opportunity for the NATO SFA COE to show potentiality, strength, experiences, and constructive solutions to build stability and protect security, developing at the same time the important SFA mission for the benefit of new generations of university students.