On the 15th of September, the NATO SFA COE welcomed the Slovenian delegation composed of Brigadier General David Humar, the Slovenian Defence Attaché in Rome and Dr. Jelena Juvan, a professor at the University of Ljubljana, with which the COE has started an internship programme.

Slovenia, together with Albania, is one of the Centre’s Sponsoring Nations, which actively contributes to the COE’s activities and projects through its Senior National Representative.

The aim of the visit was to illustrate the Centre, its role as an International and Multinational Organization and provide a general overview on the current and future activities of the NATO SFA COE.

The meeting started with the presentation of the main projects on which the COE is collaborating and cooperating with NATO/Multinational entities and Universities, following the illustration of the 2023 Program of Work.

Afterward each project manager explained their own projects in detail, such us the SFA Operator profile, the training offer and the editorial projects. Afterwards, Professor Jelena Juvan briefed those present about the SFA role in fragile States.

At the end of the event, the Slovenian Defence Attaché expressed his appreciation for the COE’s projects, highlighting the importance of collaboration between the Centre and the Sponsoring Nations, including implementing the SFA approach within the Slovenian MoD.