On the 8th of February, a delegation from the University of Palermo visited the NATO Security Force Assistance Centre of Excellence (NATO SFA COE), after the letter of cooperation signed between the two entities last December 2023.

The purpose of the meeting was to consolidate the agreement and explore areas of research and projects such as starting Internship program, hosting a Ph D. candidate at the Centre and even sending proper SMEs from the Centre of Excellence to participate in University Summer School, focused on how processes of security and intelligence can help international cooperations organisations boosting their capability of operating in high risk and hostile environments.

After the welcome, the NATO SFA COE Director provided an overview of the Centre, its vision and mission and how it fulfils its role in supporting NATO capability development process, mission effectiveness and interoperability by providing comprehensive and timely expertise on SFA.

Afterward, the delegation had the opportunity to visit the Centre and discuss with the Staff and the Branch Heads who delved deeper into the most relevant projects and activities and the training offer.

This meeting emphasizes the importance that the NATO SFA COE places on collaborations with Academia and confirms that expanding relationships with the civilian world can improve its effectiveness and projects in the field of SFA. This commitment is also reflected in various events and partnerships, which highlight the Centre’s dedication to providing concrete solutions and improving the Alliance’s capabilities through interdisciplinary cooperation.