Despite the limitations caused by the COVID 19, the NATO Security Force Assistance Centre of Excellence (NATO SFA COE) has carried out all the activities planned for the first Steering Committee 2020 in virtual mode.

The activities were held directly from the Centre’s Headquarters by the new Director and the Centre’s Sponsoring Nation representatives, virtually connected with all the other main actors in charge of presiding the meeting (Chairman, Sponsoring Nations appointee, ACT Subject Matter Expert).

The main topics discussed were:

  • State of art of the 2020 Programme of Work and initial coordination for the development of the 2021 Programme of Work;
  • Approval of the job descriptions of the NATO SFA COE Establishment’s Positions open to Civilian personnel, as agreed during the previous SC meeting in 2019;
  • The definition of the status of the NATO SFA COE personnel temporarily deployed overseas as COE SMEs for conducting onsite research according to the activities included in the POWs.

Even during these hard times, NATO SFA COE did not interrupt its work on the approved POW though limiting the physical presence of staff in compliance with current rules and seeking even more effective ways to fulfil its task through improved coordination and synergic efforts.