On the 13th of July, the NATO SFA COE Director held a virtual meeting with the Commander of the US Military Advisor Training Academy (MATA) at Fort Benning.

The MATA trains, educates, and develops professional Security Force Assistance (SFA) combat military advisors that are specifically trained, equipped, and postured to Train, Advise, Assist, Accompany & Enable Allied and Partner Nation forces in peacetime engagement, contingency, crisis, and/or combat operations in support of the Geographical Combatant Commander’s (GCC) Theatre Campaign & Contingency Plans.

The aim of the meeting was to strengthen the relationship between the two organizations in order to enlarge the NATO SFA Community of Interest and to find common objectives.

During the meeting, the Director illustrated the origin of the SFA COE’s Program of Work and Lines of Efforts, while the Lessons Learned and the Education and Training Subject Matters Experts provided an overview of the SFA Operators profile project and the NATO SFA COE training offers.

Among the future opportunities discussed were the availability to host US MATA personnel as observers, lecturers and/or students in SFA courses and the follow up of the NATO SFA COE’s Operators Project that will provide a suitable tool set for the Strategic, Operational and Tactical levels.

The meeting was very fruitful for both organizations, a good occasion to explore future collaboration and to discuss on training and advising in the field of SFA.